Closing Documents

Buying a home in a neighborhood with an HOA comes with a variety of benefits, and a few drawbacks that your buyers need to know about.

The new buyers need to be prepared to pay the monthly HOA dues and any pending assessments. They’ll want to know what those dues cover.

Resale Package

Resale packages are legal binding documents with essential information provided to potential new home buyers. These documents are provided to ensure a smooth and clean transition from the seller to the buyer with a sale occurs. 

  • Each of the following documents are included in every resale package:

    • Balance Sheet
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Budget
    • Bylaws
    • CC&Rs
    • Insurance Declaration Page
    • Resale Certificate/TREC Form

  • The resale package provides smooth and clean transition from the seller to buyer when a potential sale occurs.

  • Base Price

    $ 360 50
    One Time
    • 10 Business Days

    Rush Order

    $ 460 50
    One Time
    • 3 Business Days

Statement of Account

A Statement of Accounts is a one-page legal binding document that reflects the current homeowner’s account status with the Association(s). This document ensures the potential buyer that the seller is up to date on the assessments for the property.

  • A statement of account provides an accurate depiction of a current homeowners status for their association(s) on any type of request whether it is a sale of a home or a refinance.

  • Standard Price

    $ 82 40
    One Time
    • 1-2 Business Days